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Guest 2.0, making the patient a key player

Datameal places the patients in the center of their treatments by providing them with all the tools they need to find information and order the best service.

Actively safeguarding resources

Datameal optimises and safeguards the critical points of the process such as user management, production and administrative tasks.

Creating new opportunities: Big Data

Datameal records and cross-references all food service-related information to improve decision-making.

Connected chefs: beyond traceability

Datameal is a complete platform for accessing and keying in information, enabling chefs to keep abreast of best practices and hone their skills in the field.

Bringing catering teams together

Datameal enables the various players involved in catering services to communicate in real time. Staff members will never feel alone again!

Actively perfected menus

Datameal facilitates the nutritional, technical and financial management of menus. Your users are able to access the best of your expertise at the best price.

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Key Features

  • Balanced menus
  • Individual hotel-style service and nutritional profiles
  • Supply chains
  • Nutritional analyses
  • Purchasing management
  • Production supervision
  • Human resources management
  • Business intelligence
  • Distribution supervision
  • Access to personalised hotel-style services
  • HACCP & Traceability

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Production Management

With its Production Management system, Datameal provides all the tools needed to manage a kitchen from designing menus through overseeing production to managing stocks and purchasing. Datameal supplies all the indicators required to manage activity on-site.

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Meal Order Taking

Datameal Meal Order Taking is a complete, fully guaranteed solution for taking any kind of meal order, whether for an individual or a group. Its expertly-designed features handle all aspects of nutrition and managing the food ingredients ordered.

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Home Delivery

Datameal Home Delivery is a specialist module providing the key features of Meal Order Taking combined with tailor-made logistics and billing management features, giving each user the guarantee that his or her needs will be met as efficiently as possible.

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Meal Tray Preparation Process Management

Do you have specific logistics requirements? Datameal incorporates innovative distribution management solutions, from controlling automated production lines to integrating their management into touch screen equipment.

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